Facebook ‘fake news’ label to be worn as a ‘badge of honor’

Facebook ‘fake news’ label to be worn as a ‘badge of honor’

Grant J. Kidney, December 16, 2016-

Facebook is soon implementing a tool which allows users to ‘flag’ content as ‘fake news’.

With much talk of fake news in the mainstream press, the ultimate take-away is that alternative media like Alex Jones’ Infowars will serve as the primary target for Facebook’s war on truth.

And that’s what Facebook’s new measure honestly represents- a war on REAL media, which at present, dwarfs anything the mainstream is capable of achieving.

When Facebook’s fake news measure goes live, expect many right-leaning websites to be singled out and unjustly labeled ‘false’ without any investigation into what is presented in the shared content.

Just the mere fact that online posts are now being scrutinized in such ways represents a truly horrifying, Orwellian epoch that all spurred from Donald Trump’s stunning defeat of establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

What’ll be interesting to watch though is how serious random perusers of Facebook will take the ‘fake news’ label on a story shared from websites like Infowars or Breitbart.

Chances are, the public is already awake to what the real battle is all about…

Also, it is very possible that the mere label ‘fake news’ will generate much interest and curiosity on part of social media users, thereby leading droves of new people to the aforementioned websites and others.

Human psychology is a very complex field of study. But one thing is certain- that which is branded ‘forbidden’ and forced underground almost always attracts huge audiences due to the rebelliousness that such topic represents.

Let’s look at the porno industry. During the 2008 financial crisis, almost all industries suffered greatly… except for the adult film business. With Facebook’s war on ‘fake news’, it will be as though the social media giant is inadvertently creating a new porn industry.

Tech giants like Facebook are really the new puritans. No one likes being language policed. What happened in the 1960’s with the hippies is sure to happen again (but in the digital age and on social media platforms).

The purge of ‘fake news’ websites will drive stock in all the big tech companies to historic and unprecedented lows. Watch.

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