Idiot journalist: Trump supporters ‘morally tainted’

Idiot journalist: Trump supporters ‘morally tainted’

Grant J. Kidney, August 17, 2016-

Author, journalist and Hillary Clinton fan, Cokie Roberts, doesn’t think too highly of Donald Trump nor his supporters.

In an interview on Morning Joe, Roberts declared that Donald Trump as well as his supporters are ‘morally tainted’ people.

Roberts, who works for NPR, is yet another establishment pawn seeking to discredit Donald Trump and his enthusiastic base.

Regarding Ms. Roberts comments, Trump’s supporters are hugely wide and varied. It is entirely unfair to label millions of good, honest people as ‘morally tainted’.

Is this Latina Trump supporter 'Morally tainted'?
Is this Latina Trump supporter ‘Morally tainted’?

Also unfair is how the media constantly portrays Trump supporters as angry white males.

There is a fantastic diversity of Trump supporters from all races and ethnic backgrounds. Despite comments made about illegal immigrants from Mexico for instance, Trump has garnered tremendous support from the Latino community.

Cokie Roberts and the gaggle of dishonest journalists across the United States absolutely fear a Donald Trump Presidency.

Trump, who’s suggested the expansion of libel laws within the United States, could theoretically force mainstream media to report more honestly on the issues.

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