Liberal media equates ‘fake news’ progenitors with UFO, extraterrestrial conspiracy theories

Liberal media equates ‘fake news’ progenitors with UFO, extraterrestrial conspiracy theories

Grant J. Kidney, December 8, 2016-

Liberal media is growing more and more desperate in their push to label any dissenting idea as illegitimate, ‘fake news’ stories.

Tech website, ‘The Verge’, owned by the leftist ‘Vox Media’ company, pushed an article yesterday equating so called fake news with that of UFO and extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. 

The Verge explains that as Google works to promote top stories among its search results, fake news progenitors are sneaking through articles about aliens and UFOs which, according to the Verge, is a very bad idea since ‘most Americans who see fake news believe it’.

“Google has conferred upon them (fake news websites) a legitimacy they do not deserve,” explains goes the Verge. “It beggars belief that a company that became a behemoth for the quality of its search results now presents nonsense as fact.”

Vox Media employee ‘Choire’ took to Twitter with a screenshot of a Google search result showing top stories about aliens and UFOs.

Although the Verge wasn’t specifically targeting alternative news websites like Alex Jones’ Infowars, it is clear what message was being transmitted and what specific agenda was being pushed. The end goal with the now prolific ‘fake news’ label is to cast all independent press as both ‘wacky’ and untruthful.

Speaking of Alex Jones, a recent piece by TIME magazine vehemently attacked the conservative radio host, labeling him as one who doesn’t believe the moon landing actually took place. Throughout the entire spectrum of liberal media, we have seen the same assertions leveled against Jones- that the Austin based, Infowars boss doesn’t believe that man landed on the moon.

Jones has recently come under intense scrutiny for his connection to Donald Trump. CNN produced an entire hit piece against the radio personality wherein it was insinuated that Jones represents a true threat to the so called ‘sanctity’ of ‘authentic, mainstream journalism’.

But it isn’t just Alex Jones’ Infowars being labeled ‘fake news’. Breitbart, Drudge and others are also under equal attack.

Now more than ever, the mainstream media wants folks to believe that the aforementioned, authentic news sources are similar to that of super market tabloids reporting on alien abductions and ‘cattle mutilation’ stories.

Further equating the rising alternative media with talk of faked moon landings, UFOs and extraterrestrial life must be seen for what it is- a last ditch effort by a failing, liberal press trying ever so desperately to maintain as big an audience as is possible.

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