Lying CIA has Trump on their hit list

Lying CIA has Trump on their hit list

Grant J. Kidney, December 14, 2016-

The Central Intelligence Agency has ‘confirmed’ that Donald Trump only won the election because he was helped by Russian hackers.

Donald Trump quickly fired back, asking Americans to remember the LIE spread by America’s intelligence agencies over Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

The CIA are paid liars. Their job description includes subterfuge, deception and murder. It is beyond belief to consider how the CIA thinks it can get away with flat out lying to the American people over the Russian hacker story.

Understanding the CIA’s dark history is very important in light of recent events regarding the questioning of Donald Trump’s legitimacy as an elected U.S. President.

Back in the 1950’s, the CIA crafted a secret plot to brainwash American citizens via the power of mainstream media. The operation was dubbed, ‘Mockingbird’ and some believe it could still be going on today but under a different, more updated guise.

Mockingbird is 100% real, confirmed and factual history. So the question which needs to be asked is, could the CIA be engaged in a similar brainwashing campaign right now with the Donald Trump/Russian hacking allegations?

But aside from the CIA having been caught spreading lies and disinformation in the past, the much reviled intelligence agency has also been accused of running drugs into the United States from places all over Central and South America.

Here’s late independent researcher and former LA cop, Michael Ruppert, confronting the head of the CIA about uncovered drug running operations.

The CIA lies, cheats and steals. They’ve hurt millions of people all over the world through political sabotage.

How could anyone in their right mind believe that the CIA is this time telling the truth- that Donald Trump is a Russian agent and secret best friends with Vladimir Putin?

The CIA will do anything to maintain the status quo- even if it means killing a United States President.

When John F. Kennedy sought to end the evil Federal Reserve system, he coincidentally got a bullet to the brain.

So is Trump the new Kennedy? Weirdly enough, top globalist Bill Gates actually came out and compared the two during an interview with CNBC.

If you’re a religious person, you should definitely be praying for Donald Trump’s safety right now.

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