Mainstream media talks Pizzagate, doesn’t talk facts

Mainstream media talks Pizzagate, doesn’t talk facts

Grant J. Kidney, December 10, 2016-

Last night, talk show host Stephen Colbert did an entire piece on Pizzagate. For the uninitiated, Pizzagate is a scandal which implicates the likes of Hillary Clinton and certain members of her inner circle in a massive, child-sex trafficking ring said to operate out of at least two Washington D.C. based pizza parlors.

Obviously Colbert was completely disrespectful to the many thousands of independent researchers who’ve dedicated much time and resources to protecting children from sadistic, high profile child-touchers such as John Podesta and Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis.

Not once during Colbert’s piece were any of the facts behind Pizzagate discussed. Instead, only a minimal glimpse into the conspiracy was offered, suggesting that mainstream media is now forced to speak regarding the issue but is deliberately withholding the ‘smoking gun’ truth.

By the way, Colbert even drags in Alex Jones during his ten minute segment below.

Colbert isn’t the only mainstream personality to tackle Pizzagate. Even The Daily Show is set to air its own exposé of the so called ‘conspiracy theory’. Noted Pizzagate researcher David Seaman will be on- so expect a crude form of ‘character assassination’ to take place rather than a full on investigation of Pizzagate’s many intrigues.

There are a number of reasons Pizzagate has reached the mainstream. One explanation is because truth can no longer be contained in the digital age. Another reason is because a key figure in Donald Trump’s transition was a big believer in the Pizzagate scandal.

When Michael Flynn Jr. tweeted that he believes in what has been asserted regarding Pizzagate, he was immediately let go of Donald Trump’s transition team. Flynn is the son of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for Chief National Security Adviser. The media was quick to pounce of Flynn Jr., but in so doing, had inadvertently led Pizzagate into the mainstream.

The Late Show dedicating an entire segment to Pizzagate just proves that the media wants to end this story by conflating it to ridiculous proportions and then use comedic personalities like Colbert who’ll make everyone laugh and mock those who talk about the dark sex crimes of Hillary Clinton and her perverted inner circle.

I want Colbert to answer the following questions the next time he or any other mainstream personality tackles Pizzagate:

1. Why do John and Tony Podesta look exactly like the perverts who kidnapped three year old, Madeleine McCann? Her body has yet to be discovered and her captors arrested.


2. Why does Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis have incredibly creepy pictures like this on his Instagram profile?


3. Why does Tony Podesta collect bizarre artwork from an artist who often depicts young kinds in a sexually suggestive manner?


4. Why does Obama need $65k worth of ‘pizza and dogs’ sent directly to the White House for a supposed ‘private gathering’? ‘Pizza’ and ‘hot dogs’ are pedophile code words for little children.


5. Why did Besta Pizza, one of the other pizza shops involved in the overarching scandal, immediately change its logo once word got out that they were using the official, FBI sanctioned pedophile symbol for ‘boy love’ in all of their marketing material?


Don’t expect Colbert or any mainstream personality for that matter to address the above. Ever.

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