PizzaGate Denial: why I can no longer listen to Alex Jones

PizzaGate Denial: why I can no longer listen to Alex Jones

Alex Jones has officially distanced himself from PizzaGate, issuing what amounted to a public apology to Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis.

In a nearly six minute video posted to the Infowars YouTube channel, Jones formally retracted all statements ever made in regards to the PizzaGate ‘conspiracy theory’ insofar as James Alefantis/Comet Ping Pong is concerned.

Interestingly enough, Jones’ apology comes on the heels of a major PizzaGate march happening just today in Washington DC. With over a dozen Black and Latina girls having gone missing in the District of Columbia in the span of just one month, it is becoming increasingly clear that a large network of pedophiles may be operating in the underground recesses of our nation’s capital.

After Jones’ apology to James Alefantis, I can no longer listen to his show and am unsubscribing from his YouTube channel effective immediately.

For years, Jones has done battle with sinister forces in the halls of power. He once infiltrated the infamous ‘Bohemian Grove’ where mock human sacrifices are performed in front of a statue of a giant owl-creature. For Jones NOT to press as hard with PizzaGate as he did with Bohemian Grove, signals that the Austin-based talk show host has become a compromised figure, no different from all the other talking heads in the fake news, mainstream press.

Bohemian Grove: elites perform mock sacrifice before a giant owl statue.

Ironically, the man Jones publicly apologized to over PizzaGate allegations, is none other than the former gay-boyfriend of Media Matters’ boss, David Brock. Over the years, Jones has been savagely attacked by Media Matters, which has attempted to discredit the fiery Infowars chief every step of the way.

It is truly a shame to watch Alex Jones now grovel at the feet of his enemies.

This is James Alefantis. Alex Jones apologized for calling this man out on ‘questionable’ behavior. Let this sink in.

We also learned in Jones apology that at least two Infowars employees have been fired for their investigation into PizzaGate. We can only guess that the two employees in question are Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs. Biggs has since returned to file ‘special reports’ with Infowars- but it can only be assumed that Biggs was pressured to leave Infowars officially due to mounting legal pressure from Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis.

Jones heads a multi-million dollar media operation which the well connected James Alefantis could ultimately sue and shut down effectively. In a certain way it makes sense for Jones to ‘cool it’ insofar as the person of James Alefantis and his Comet Ping Pong restaurant is concerned. But ultimately, what matters most is Jones’ integrity and whether his act of ‘self-preservation’ should be excused while thousands of children go missing each year- many of whom could be victims of PizzaGate pedophiles.

Just to remind everyone of what led folks to grow suspicious of James Alefantis in the first place, I thought I’d post some of his more disturbing Instagram photos which have all been locked up and made private in the wake of PizzaGate’s exposure.

I guess Alex Jones would rather ignore the following content for the sake of his own hind-end. SHAME!

Here’s James Alefantis calling a BABY a ‘hotard’. That’s a blend between a ‘ho’ and a ‘retard’.

Here’s James Alefantis remarking on the price of a baby. Why? This guy owns a Pizza parlor.

James Alefantis on new ‘seating procedures’ for young guests. Again, WHY?

James Alefantis feels ‘dirty’ after seeing this photo of a half naked man and boy.

Here’s a hole they dug at Comet Ping Pong. Look at the comment about ‘burying a body’.

Here’s a room that James Alefantis tagged with the hash ‘murder’. Murder what? Pizza dough? It makes absolutely no sense unless something else entirely is implied.

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