Why Cernovich should sue BuzzFeed for ‘rape apologist’ accusation

Why Cernovich should sue BuzzFeed for ‘rape apologist’ accusation

Grant J. Kidney, April 4, 2017-

Failing trash BuzzFeed News has just called ardent Trump supporter, Mike Cernovich, a ‘rape apologist’ after Donald Trump Jr. publicly thanked the independent researcher for breaking news on Susan Rice’s ‘unmasking scandal’.

According to legal resources I have referenced, Cernovich is well within his grounds to SUE BuzzFeed for their failed attempt at character assassination. 

Here’s a screen gab of BuzzFeed’s website:

While Cernovich has indeed made a few controversial statements regarding sexual intercourse in the past, the ultra-left BuzzFeed has absolutely no room to talk.

Here’s an article BuzzFeed did featuring the title, ’12 Top Tips For Anal Sex Given By Gay Porn Stars’.

The following ACTUAL screenshots taken from the article illustrate just how ‘wholesome’ BuzzFeed is when compared to the ‘evil’ Mike Cernovich.

If Cernovich does indeed pursue legal action against BuzzFeed, we could be witness to a massive, Gawker style finale to what was truly one of the worst websites on the Internet.

Good riddance- and good luck to Mike Cernovich.

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