Why doesn’t FAKE MEDIA ever reference Michael Savage?

Why doesn’t FAKE MEDIA ever reference Michael Savage?

Grant J. Kidney, April 30, 2017-

Radio host Michael Savage is known and loved by millions of devoted fans and listeners. But despite helping propel Donald Trump into the Presidency- and despite huge ratings when measured against others in the realm of political talk, Dr. Savage is rarely (if ever) referenced in the fake media as if by design.

There has been a lot of talk lately about Ann Coulter having been banned from speaking in Berkeley. But why wasn’t there nearly as much talk when Michael Savage was totally banned from entering the United Kingdom?

Ever since I heard of Michael Savage, I always wondered why he was rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. Rush Limbaugh was always talked about. Glenn Beck was always talked about. But never did any of the major outlets ever speak of Dr. Savage- its as though he’s been permanently blacklisted.

What’s interesting is that Savage has had President Trump on his program numerous times throughout the course of the 2016 campaign. One would think that the day after, the Trump-focused media would have done endless analysis on all the things Trump said while on Savage’s program. Not ONCE though did any such analysis occur.

Fake media never talks about Michael Savage who has had Trump on his show numerous times.

Think. The media had a field day when Trump appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Even Hillary Clinton referenced Jones’ now infamous interview with the current President of the United States. But despite all the controversy over Jones’ one time interview with Trump, there was real, verified SILENCE each time Trump talked to Savage. 

Something’s up. Savage has been blacklisted for a reason. That reason, in my opinion, is that Savage packs an incredible punch into everything he says. He’s such an incredible influence that the media is literally AFRAID to give the guy any air time or credit.

But maybe I’m just a ‘conspiracy theorist’ making up paranoid stories to explain why Dr. Savage has been treated so poorly by the fake news press. Maybe the reason Savage isn’t talked about is because he’s ‘just a guy on the radio’. But then again, didn’t the same fake news press talk endlessly about what Trump said on Hugh Hewitt or other programs less popular than the Savage Nation?

Michael Savage isn’t just a ‘voice in the wilderness’. He is the voice of reason heard by millions across the country. When will the fake media learn that ignoring someone as impactful as Savage only makes their target STRONGER?

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