Elon Musk afraid Trump will end ‘climate change mafia’

Elon Musk afraid Trump will end ‘climate change mafia’

Grant J. Kidney, November 10, 2016-

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla Motors, is seriously afraid that President-elect Donald Trump will END the ‘green mafia’ that has enriched so many through the selling of climate change lies to the public.

Musk today retweeted an anti-Trump news piece from Glenn Greenwald which calls into question the President-elect’s choice for EPA leadership.

Musk has touted the standard climate change misinformation which suggests that our planet is doomed unless we pay carbon taxes to the United Nations… or buy one of his self-driving, electric powered, luxury vehicles.

Musk has taken advantage of serious ‘green initiative’ tax breaks that has no doubt led to his having amassed a huge fortune as a result.

If Trump has his way, the entire green mafia that has enriched Musk and others will be called into question- and the varying government agencies which promote the climate change lie shall be shut down once and for all.

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