Black pastor: satire makes people think Trump is racist

Black pastor: satire makes people think Trump is racist

Grant J. Kidney, August 18, 2016-

Darrell Scott, black pastor and Donald J. Trump supporter, says the reason people think Trump is ‘racist’ is because of online, satirical media.

“I had a guy…send me a headline from a satire website that said that Donald Trump plans on deporting all African-Americans back to Africa and he believed it,” Scott told CNN.

Scott’s claim is vindicated greatly by countless examples where mindless, sound-bite driven political spectators have fallen for circulated rumors and counterfeit Twitter feeds.

A few months ago, Black Lives Matter activists told Megyn Kelly of Fox News that they’re offended by Trump’s campaign slogan which they erroneously believed to be ‘Make America White Again’.

And then there is the barrage of totally fake tweets supposedly composed by Donald Trump himself:


The fact that people would believe everything they see and hear on the Internet without first checking for authenticity stands testament to how dumbed down our culture has become.

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