BUSTED: Hillary Clinton caught proposing election rigging

BUSTED: Hillary Clinton caught proposing election rigging

Grant J. Kidney, October 29, 2016-

Newly uncovered audio from 2006 proves that Hillary Clinton is a rotten election-rigger.

Speaking to a Jewish newspaper about Palestinian elections at the time, Hillary noted,

“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake,” said Sen. Clinton. “And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.”

Here is the actual audio:

Of course Ms. Clinton’s sentiment regarding Palestinian elections bears little weight on her battle with Donald Trump today, right? Wrong!

A person this corrupt- someone who seriously considers election rigging a ‘tool’ in the old war chest- should be permanently barred from ever holding public office. I don’t care what anyone says.

Click here to read more about Clinton’s sordid proposal on election rigging.

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