Donald Trump will eviscerate Hillary Clinton in the debates!!!

Donald Trump will eviscerate Hillary Clinton in the debates!!!

Grant J. Kidney, August 29, 2016-

At the time of this post, Donald Trump is slightly behind Hillary Clinton according to some national polls. 

Trump’s helping with the Louisiana flood victims surely brought the billionaire businessman up a few points, but Clinton still leads.

One thing we can count on though will be the Donald’s commanding stage presence at the upcoming debates between himself and Hillary Clinton.

If you remember back to the Republican primaries, Trump took no prisoners as he one by one, shot down his GOP opponents through a series of brash but highly effective campaign tactics.

‘Low energy Jeb’. ‘Little Marco’. ‘Lyin’ Ted Cruz’. No one could withstand Donald Trump’s genius in labeling his enemies exactly as he would want you to perceive them.

Here’s a clip where 31,000 Donald Trump supporters chant the phrase, ‘Lyin’ Ted’. It is no doubt that Trump’s extraordinary skills with respect to branding ultimately helped to derail the Cruz campaign.

On September 26th, we’ll observe whether Trump’s branding of Clinton as ‘crooked Hillary’ carries as much impact into the first debate between the two major Presidential contenders.

If the Republican debates are any indicator of how things will naturally unfold on Sept. 26th, expect to see an enlivened Trump full of ‘warrior spirit’ go at Hillary Rotten Clinton in the most impactful of ways.

It is this writer’s estimation that the only thing which could prevent a fantastic performance by Trump at the first debate will be his advisors who, I believe, could be working to sabotage the campaign from within.

But if Trump is able to discern between good advice and bad- and just be himself through and through- then I predict we will see a glorious defeat of the Communist Hillary Clinton at the forthcoming debate late in September.

Keep in mind that there are three whole debates between the two candidates. I don’t expect Trump to be on top of his game throughout every debate however. But by listening to his heart and continuing with his original campaign message of ‘making America Great Again’, Trump’s poll numbers will surpass those of Hillary Clinton’s and we will no doubt observe a landslide victory in November.

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