Don’t worry: Jill Stein’s election recount is doomed to fail

Don’t worry: Jill Stein’s election recount is doomed to fail

Grant J. Kidney, November 26, 2016-

Today we learned that Hillary Clinton, wicked witch of the Democratic Party, has essentially risen from the dead so as to take part in Jill Stein’s 2016 election audit.

The recount effort will take place in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan- all states where Donald Trump won both totally fair and square. It is unclear how Clinton’s team will assist in these three states.

Stein, who lost big league to both major party candidates, once noted that Hillary Clinton, if elected President, could spark nuclear war with Russia. But despite this, the failed Green Party candidate, fully funded by Democratic Party operatives, is pushing forward with a snide plan to dethrone Donald Trump.

What’s interesting about the recount effort is that such a task has never been undertaken this many days after an election. In fact, this sets a whole new, historical precedent that many experts believe is doomed to fail.

Any real election recount would be a national effort. Further, results would clearly show Donald Trump as the victor. The reason Stein and the Democrats are not pushing for an audit nation-wide is because it would show clear voter fraud instances of both dead people and illegal aliens casting ballots.

Stein’s recount of selected states indicates sheer vindictiveness now fueled by the Clinton campaign’s zombie-like shadow. We were all told how it was the Trump camp who’d not accept the results of a fair and square election. Instead, as irony puts it, it is the Democrat machine which has persistently whined and complained ever since votes were first cast on November 8th.

Just a few days ago, I said I would not comment on the potential election recount. But ever since news broke of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the process, it became clear that a genuine plot had been developed. Nevertheless, the recount is a doomed effort and only serves to further embarrass the Democrat machine.  

The take-away in all of this:

  1. Hillary Clinton lost the election fair and square to Donald Trump.
  2. No such recount effort has ever been done in American history.
  3. No incoming administration has ever had the rug pulled from beneath it after department picks have already been made.
  4. Even though its a definite IMPOSSIBILITY, what would happen if Hillary was shown to be the true victor after all was said and done? Would Obama be made to extend his term beyond January 20th? Again, a completely ridiculous premise to begin with.

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