Hillary Clinton became ‘physically violent’ after losing the election to Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton became ‘physically violent’ after losing the election to Donald Trump

Grant J. Kidney, November 16, 2016-

Hillary Clinton was so distraught by the 2016 election results that she became ‘physically violent’ and uncontrollably sad.

A new report by Ed Klein, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, says that Bill and Hillary also got into a deep shouting match just days before the election. The embittered couple had at it for many hours until Bill threw his phone off the balcony of his penthouse apartment.

A CNN reporter confirmed Hillary’s violent actions to the host of a radio program called The Kincannon Show. 

On the night of the election, many were wondering why Clinton didn’t do the typical concession speech most candidates will offer in the wake of a rival’s victory.

The real reason that nobody knew until now was that Hillary had her head buried into a pillow, crying uncontrollably to the point where everything she was saying came out rather unintelligibly.

Hillary, with tears and make up streaming down her face, also blamed FBI director, James Comey for Donald Trump’s amazing victory.

The wondrous thing about this news is that it reinforces every stereotype uttered about both the Left and women in general.

The Left are such whining cry-babies that even some university students were given play-doh and coloring books to help cope with Donald Trump’s victory. Yes. Seriously.

As for women, it has always been said that a woman President would not be a good thing due to how emotional women can become. Hillary’s behavior in the wake of her historic loss proves this very point.




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