Hillary Clinton’s coughing: we can’t have weakness in charge of the military!

Hillary Clinton’s coughing: we can’t have weakness in charge of the military!

Grant J. Kidney, September 7, 2016-

By now we’ve all seen clips of Hillary Clinton’s coughing fit during a recent speech made in Ohio.

But is the image of a ‘coughing President’ what America needs at this most crucial point in the war on terror?

As ISIS commits bombings abroad- and as Europe is submerged beneath a thick Islamic tide- a commander-in-chief who coughs a lot can only signal weakness to foreign enemies of the United States and the Western world.

During her speech, Clinton snidely remarked that she was ‘allergic’ to Donald Trump and this is why she was coughing. The truth however is that a hacking cough such as what Hillary exhibited on stage in Ohio could be the result of  beta-blocking medication normally prescribed to those who’ve had serious blood-clots of the brain or in other parts of the body.

Its no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’ that Hillary Clinton is as sick as a dying dog. The media must be having a very difficult time keeping this notion under wraps.

The worst part though is that now all the world- including enemies of the United States- have observed Clinton’s more than disgusting coughing fit.

If I were Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un, I’d probably want Hillary Clinton to be President now since it would prove quite easy to circumvent the foreign policy of a sick, old grandma in a pants suit.

The great news is that Donald Trump is ahead in the polls– and in key specific areas as well. When asked who would better serve the country insofar as the war on terror is concerned, Americans universally vouched for Trump.

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