Hillary is wrong: the alt-right will SAVE America in November!

Hillary is wrong: the alt-right will SAVE America in November!

Grant J. Kidney, August 25, 2016-

This week, Hillary Clinton took to the stage where she delivered what Democratic strategists have deemed a whopping ‘blow’ to the ‘alternative right’ movement which has largely gone ignored since its inception in 2010.

For the uninitiated, the alt-right is a movement of proud nationalists who’ve grown tired of and in opposition to establishment conservative types. Think George Bush, Dick Cheney and etc.

The alt-right has its very own heroes, villains and memes proliferated in tightly enclosed circles on the web. The alt-right is a community in and of itself; if you simply don’t get ‘it’, chances are you never will.

The alt-right has grown massive in recent years primarily due to continued weakening of U.S. industry, broken immigration policy and liberal disrespect for Western culture and ideals.

Members of the alt-right are by no means your standard, cut and dry ‘christian conservative’ types. The alt-right has a surprising number of gays, lesbians, atheists and other so called ‘minorities’ involved in the overall structure.

One such figure of prominence in the alt-right is Milo Yiannopoulos, a homosexual commentator aligned with conservative politics. Another is Gavin McInnes, who’s occasional potty-mouth would be deemed ‘shocking’ to your average Christian Republican.

The alt-right has gathered behind the candidacy of Donald J. Trump as it is perceived that the GOP nominee’s vision for America is what’s needed most after decades of rot initiated and quarterbacked by both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Here is Milo Yiannopoulos on why he loves Donald Trump.

The alt-right also stands for unbridled free speech and opinion making. In a day and age when social justice warriors vouch for the restriction of first amendment rights on college campuses across the United States, none other than alt-right proponents stand in the way of our country totally morphing into a North Korea like police-state.

The so called ‘safe spaces’ offered by liberal universities where whining cry-baby social justice warriors flock to are fast becoming the standard model by which the left would like the entire country to conform. The alt-right points this out and is thus deserving of much admiration rather than being trashed by the likes of Hillary Clinton and her Democratic operatives.

After eight years of disastrous social policy enacted by Barack Obama, a very large percentage of Americans are seeking new blood in the White House. If Hillary is elected in November, what the alt-right speculates on regarding her potential Presidency will surely ring true.

Not only will Hillary push the TPP down our throats- thereby effectively shutting down U.S. industry and jobs- but she will continue on the path of allowing millions more of illegal immigrants into our country. Clinton’s wanting of a 500% increase in Syrian refugees will also prove disastrous by every measure imaginable.

The alt-right’s fascination with and love for Donald J. Trump is really what’s going to save this country from complete and total ruin as initiated by Hillary and her Democratic cohorts.

A Trump presidency is precisely the fresh, new blood wanted in the White House by members of the alt-right as well as by other Americans who choose not to identify with various political splinter groups.

The choice should be very clear for Americans in November. Hillary will change nothing. Trump on the other hand- fueled by admiration and respect from the alt-right community- will prove the very wrecking ball to the establishment that has been sorely desired for so many years.

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