Is Hillary participating in vote recount in order to protect ‘pizza gate’ cronies?

Is Hillary participating in vote recount in order to protect ‘pizza gate’ cronies?

Grant J. Kidney, November 29, 2016-

‘Pizza gate’ has blown up the Internet in seriously profound ways.

Ever since Wikileaks unleashed a torrent of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, calls for official investigation into an alleged, Washington DC pedophile ring have come from every which corner on the world wide web.

The question is though, is the infamous Pizza gate scandal somehow related to the 2016 U.S. presidential vote recount instigated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein?

Over this past weekend it was announced that the Hillary Clinton campaign was officially joining Stein in efforts to recount votes in three states where Donald Trump won by ‘narrow’ margins. So far it is unclear just how exactly Clinton’s campaign is involved.

Voters of Donald Trump needn’t worry- there’s no real way Stein’s recount could change the election results. Still though, many are concerned that the election could still be stolen even though Trump’s government is already half way assembled.

Here’s a thought- what if Hillary Clinton is now formally involved in the vote recount due to how pressing the situation has become with the whole Pizza gate conspiracy? What if Clinton badly needs to become President in order to cover hers and her inner circles’ tracks from official involvement ordered by Trump’s new Attorney General, Mr. Jeff Sessions

For me, the smoking gun in the Pizza gate scandal has to be the case of the missing three year old girl, Madeleine McCann. McCann went missing while on vacation in Portugal in 2007. Her captors eerily resemble John Podesta and his brother, Tony who were also coincidentally vacationing in Portugal at the same time.

Here’s a police sketch bearing the striking resemblance.


Everything from witchcraft to artwork depicting sex with children have become common themes in the Pizza gate hoopla. And while no hard evidence has yet to be presented beyond a possible pedophile code found in Podesta’s hacked emails, most who dare look in to the ordeal are shocked by what they discover.

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