Trump’s second debate strategy will make Hillary shake in her boots

Trump’s second debate strategy will make Hillary shake in her boots

Grant J. Kidney, September 28, 2016-

The stakes were high. Monday’s debate pulled in over 80 million viewers from around the world. The country watched as two very distinct candidates representing two very distinct philosophies went head to head for the very first time.

The usual chorus of liberal media ‘experts’ declared Clinton the victor with a slew of rigged polls and faulty data. Meanwhile, those of us who actually watched the debate knew Donald Trump was the clear winner through and through.

But what of the second U.S. presidential debate? Slated for October 9th, the event is sure to draw a massive viewership as Trump and Hillary square off yet again in an epic fight for the future of the United States.

Concerning Hillary Clinton, Trump has vowed to ‘hit her harder‘ at the next debate. Many believe Trump was too soft the first time around. Now will be the GOP nominee’s chance at truly mopping the floor with his repulsive Democratic rival.

It is this editor’s opinion that Trump will come to the next debate with guns blazing. Here are some points I believe Trump will for sure hit on that will cause Hillary to shake in her boots:

Benghazi. Trump said nothing of the scandal. If you remember back, ‘Benghazi Mom’ was an effective ploy at the Republican National Convention.

Emails. Though Trump did bring up the email controversy, he didn’t delve into the specifics which cast Clinton in a very negative light.

The Clinton Foundation. Money in and out of Bill and Hillary’s ‘charity’ is under much scrutiny and shows tremendous fraud and abuse. If Trump hammers home on this point alone, he will undoubtedly win at the second debate.

Despite criticism of Trump’s performance at the debate, many- including this author- feel that Trump did phenomenally well.

With the second debate, ‘Trump being Trump’ I feel will prove the winning formulae- a formulae that knocked every single one of his GOP rivals out of the ring.

Perhaps the only moment during the first debate of Trump being Trump is the statement regarding the 400lb hacker.

Please, Mr. Trump- more of this and you will WIN the Presidency!!!

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