Grant J. Kidney

Grant J. Kidney

Who I am: My name is Grant J. Kidney. I’m a nationalist, blogger and video maker.

What I do: I comment on issues revolving around the news cycle, filtering thoughts through a ‘Right’ leaning lens. I blog and create videos on such topics as the Fake News war against President Trump, Islam’s conquest of the West, illegal immigration, the Deep State, social justice warriors and other similar themes.

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Deep intel: In 2008, I launched ‘The Grant J. Kidney Revolution’. This was a part serious, part satirical platform from which I could communicate political thoughts and ideas. I had attracted a huge following on the now defunct At about this juncture, I self published my first book. The work has since been retired.

When I first set foot into politics, I was very right wing, despite splashes of satire deliberately interspersed into my content. Ultimately though, I fell prey to a form of left wing socialism as preached by the ‘Zeitgeist movement’.

In 2011, I rebranded as a ‘Zeitgeister’, and started approaching the issues from a newfound, socialist perspective. Even at this time I had kept a regularly updated blog. I also did interviews with several interesting people including filmmaker Peter Joseph, futurist Jacque Fresco and documentarian, Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof.

The large body of work I conducted in the aforementioned era was totally scrubbed from the web when I decided that I no longer felt intrigued by politics. I wanted out. So in 2013, I pulled the plug on all political pursuits.

From 2013 onward, I became heavily involved in business. I launched my own graphic design venture called Vril Studio and ultimately partnered with and did work for several large companies including the Elon Musk inspired Hyperloop startup.

After a series of transformative events, I no longer held to left-wing, socialist ideology. Instead, I was swiftly returning to a right leaning perspective.

By 2015, Donald Trump announced that he was running for President. This event alone is what reawakened me to the political world. At this point I began actively participating in the 2016 election cycle. When Trump finally won the presidency, I felt proud knowing that I had played a role in the re-shaping of America.

In 2017, I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Before my conversion to the Mormon faith, I had led a life of drinking, cigar smoking and a host of unsavory activities. Some of the content I posted on social media prior to my change of heart reflected a different version of myself in a lot of ways. Nevertheless, God has significantly transformed my life for the better, making me stronger in my fight against the crooked globalist establishment. My sarcasm and demeanor may not necessarily be recognized as ‘Mormon’, but no one is perfect- and like every human being who has ever walked the Earth, I am indeed a work in progress.