Grant J. Kidney

Grant J. Kidney

My name is Grant J. Kidney. I’m a blogger, podcaster and American nationalist.

In 2008, I launched ‘The Grant J. Kidney Revolution’. This was a platform from which I could communicate political thoughts and ideas. I had attracted a huge following on the now defunct Around this time, I self published my first book. The work has since been retired.

When I first started out, I was very right wing. Ultimately though, I fell prey to a form of left wing socialism as preached by the ‘Zeitgeist movement’.

In 2011, I rebranded as a ‘Zeitgeister’, and started coming at the issues from my newfound perspective. Even back then, I kept a regularly updated blog. I also did interviews with several interesting people including filmmaker Peter Joseph, futurist Jacque Fresco and documentarian, Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof.

The large body of work I conducted in the aforementioned era was totally scrubbed from the web when I decided that I no longer felt intrigued by politics. I wanted out. Completely. So in 2013, I pulled the plug on all political pursuits.

From 2013 onward, I got really in to business. I launched my own graphic design venture called Vril Studio and found myself doing work with several large companies including the Elon Musk inspired Hyperloop startup.

But then life came at me fast. After a series of transformative events, I found myself no longer clinging to socialist ideology. Instead, I was swiftly returning to my right leaning roots.

Finally, by 2015, Donald J. Trump decided to run for President- an event that had totally reawakened me to the political world.

In Trump I saw aspects of my own character. Actively participating in the 2016 campaign to get Trump elected was a seriously defining moment of my life.

And now, here we are. May Americanism, not globalism, be our one and only credo for generations to come.