Grant J. Kidney on hiatus

Grant J. Kidney on hiatus

Grant J. Kidney, August 15, 2017-

I’m officially going on a small vacation from politics after having received yet another 30 day block on Facebook.

If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, here’s what I sent to my fans explaining the situation.

Zuckerberg hates the truth- its why he blocked me on Facebook for another 30 day round.

Since 8/8/2017, I’ve been unable to communicate to my Facebook audience. I was unable to share thoughts on Charlottesville and other important issues.

What’s more is that following the events in Charlottesville, the merchant who handles orders for the t-shirts I sell over at The Grant J. Kidney online store has cancelled several popular items due to having violated ‘terms of service’.

This is truly a WITCH HUNT like none other.

At any rate, after getting wind of my recent 30 day block on Facebook, I decided to go on a small vacation and minimize all political efforts to the point where I’d only tweet every now and then just to keep fans engaged. I don’t know yet when I’ll return, but I really appreciate everyone asking where I’m at and if everything is okay.

Moving forward I think I’ll focus a lot more time and effort on my Gab account. Look for me there- just search ‘Grant J. Kidney’. Ultimately I’d like to deactivate my Facebook page outright. I mean, what’s the point in maintaining an account if I’m persistently getting blocked every other month?

Thank you guys for all the continued support. Stay tuned to my Twitter for announcements on when I’ll return to regular duties of blogging, podcasting and video making.


Grant J. Kidney

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