Grant J. Kidney retires from politics

Grant J. Kidney retires from politics

Grant J. Kidney, April 23, 2018-

I am officially retiring from all political commentary, be it blogging, podcasting, tweeting or video making.

I have spent many years positioning myself to be a renowned ‘shock jock’ and indie media personality. And while I didn’t quite ‘make it to the top’ in this particularly over saturated field, I am extremely proud of the work I did and of the many people whose political views I helped shape.

Throughout the length of my career, I incurred a lot of support, but also a sizable amount of ridicule and scorn. I understood full well the consequences of deliberately offending in order to gain clicks, likes and retweets. This was business. It came with the territory.

At this stage however, I no longer feel inclined to be so pointed in a particular political direction; to engage in fights on social media over which politician will screw people less. Call it an ‘epiphany’, but I am no longer intrigued by politics, and do not feel it within to continue beating a horse, that for me, died a very long time ago in my soul.

The Grant J. Kidney political brand now comes to a close- but a new chapter is just beginning. As a trained graphic artist, I intend to build and expand a business that produces high quality graphic design for an exclusive customer base.

Lastly, I leave with a warning. I would urge any still trapped inside the toxic bubble of political affairs to consider vacating before said bubble bursts and produces many unwanted results. The constant stream of negativity involved in politics is enough to raise one’s blood pressure and to attract a host of bad circumstances that could literally ruin one’s life. Take it from me- been there, done that.

Free your mind and focus on the positive. It may sound cliche, but it absolutely works and is what I’m doing from this moment forward.

Thank you.
Grant J. Kidney

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