Liberal stupidity on guns revealed in social experiment

Liberal stupidity on guns revealed in social experiment

Grant J. Kidney, August 19, 2016-

Comedian and political commentator, Steven Crowder, recently conducted a hilarious ‘man on the street’ style social experiment with regards to gun laws in America.

The Canadian born Crowder wanted to test how much about guns those in favor of ‘common sense gun laws’ actually knew.

A table was set up where Crowder featured a host of varying firearms. Bystanders began to make their way to the table where Crowder proceeded to put them to the test.

Crowder, who also hosts a popular right-leaning radio show called ‘Louder with Crowder’, quickly discovers that those in favor of liberal positions on gun laws know very little about guns in the first place.

Surprisingly, many who approached Steven’s table were comfortable with the hunting rifles on display. Guns which appeared more ‘tactical’ however were universally shunned by participants in the experiment.

Crowder also uncovered that those in favor of ‘common sense gun laws’ also didn’t know which types of guns were used more frequently in criminal cases across the United States.

Despite 70% of shooting murders involving a mere handgun, participants in Crowder’s experiment expressed belief that it was the infamous AR-15 involved in most cases.

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