Here’s what happens when you try robbing a gun store

Here’s what happens when you try robbing a gun store

Grant J. Kidney, January 14, 2017-

The 2017 ‘Darwin Award’ goes to the following individuals who tried robbing a gun store in broad day light.

The incident occurred at Dixie’s Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia this past December.

Two armed thieves stormed the gun shop premises, stupidly hoping to acquire as much loot as possible without winding up dead.

The store’s 64 year old owner wasn’t having it though and immediately opened fire on the two thieves, killing one in the process and causing the other to flee for his life.

Watch the amazing footage below:

Similar incidents occur in very high frequency all throughout the country when robbers try stealing from well-armed victims.

One truly has to be of the lowest intelligence imaginable to try robbing an establishment who’s core business is selling guns and ammunition.

But as the United States faces the very real possibility of riots and civil war in the wake of Trump’s victory, perhaps the thieves in question only wanted more guns to protect themselves and their families from the murderous thugs in Black Lives Matter.

Yeah. Right.

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