How the ancient Chinese art of Qigong promotes greater health and longevity

How the ancient Chinese art of Qigong promotes greater health and longevity

Grant J. Kidney, September 1, 2016-

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that has clinically shown to cure a host of diseases up to and including cancer.

Qigong, which literally means ‘life energy cultivation’, was developed in China nearly 4,000 years ago.

Along with Acupuncture and various forms of proven herbal remedies, Qigong is counted as ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ or ‘TCM’ for short.

The practice of Qigong involves slow, meditative movements along with a synchronization of thought, breath and focus. All across China, people still practice Qigong as part of an early morning routine.

Qigong is also used in Chinese Kung Fu (or ‘Wushu’) where it is used to grant extraordinary focus. Shaolin Monks have been known to pull off some impressive feats all through the practice of Qigong. In some examples, monks- through Qigong- are able to harden their bodies to such extents that they literally become impenetrable to spears and other sharp objects.

Elites caught practicing Qigong

There are some forms of Qigong however that have been kept hidden from the public. It is this ‘concentrated’ form of Qigong that is practiced by elites in China and quite possible elsewhere in the world.

Last year, a Qigong ‘mystic’ was detained by police and held for questions by Chinese authorities over possible links in a brutal murder case.

The mystic in question exposed deep ties between elites in China and a secret practice of the aforementioned, concentrated form of Qigong.

FACT: Qigong cures disease

But knowing a more hidden form of Qigong is not needed. For regular people, the moderate practice of regular Qigong carries with it a host of health benefits including the lowering of blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack, eliminating depression and more.

Qigong and its cousin ‘Tai Chi’ have proven to be so effective in the fighting of disease that even the U.S. government was forced to acknowledged its powers.

Here’s what Qigong looks like in practice:

How Qigong works

To understand how Qigong works is to understand how Traditional Chinese Medicine views the human body and ultimately, the world we inhabit.

The ancient Chinese believed that all the universe was comprised of energy. Today, science has sincerely validated such claims, particularly in the field of quantum physics.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when a person is sick, its because the field of energy which surrounds him or her has become blocked in some way. Qigong helps to remove said blockage thereby eliminating disease outright.

Qigong may be practiced though even if one does not suffer from any particular disease. Overall, Qigong promotes greater health and longevity for all its practitioners.

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