Invasion: 10 million more refugees coming to Europe

Invasion: 10 million more refugees coming to Europe

Grant J. Kidney, January 4, 2017-

According to Gerd Muller, Development Minister for Germany, approximately eight to ten million more refugees are on their way to Europe even as this article is being typed.

Muller said that only ten percent of refugees displaced by the war in Syria have reached the European continent. And, with Angela Merkel and other foreign liberal leaders still in charge, it is a high bet that every last refugee will be welcomed in.

“The biggest refugee movements are ahead: Africa’s population will double in the coming decades. A country like Egypt will increase to 100million people, Nigeria 400million. In our digital age with the Internet and mobile phones, all know about our prosperity and our way of life.” -Gerd Muller

It is difficult to imagine how Europe will be able to absorb ten million new people into its individual countries given the severity of the first wave of immigrants to have reached the continent.

ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. Europe’s weak leadership has done nothing to prevent such attacks.

With rape, bombings and other forms of malicious, Islamic terror currently sweeping Western nations, it will be interesting to watch just how far Europeans will go before violently tossing their elected officials out of office and shipping every single immigrant home.

Here’s a few facts about the aforementioned wave of refugees into Europe:

  1. Sweden has now become the rape capital of the world
  2. ‘Mohammad’ is the most popular name for baby boys in the UK
  3. In Germany, sales of pepper spray have risen through the roof since it is all but impossible to own a firearm virtually anywhere in Europe.

Added to the mess, Muslim refugees really aren’t the cleanest of the bunch- nor the most civilized.

The once beautiful Paris has become a filthy wasteland, for instance. Muslims from Africa and from all over the Middle East are encamped on city sidewalks, polluting and defecating as though appearing on an Animal Planet TV special.

Muslim refugees from Africa and the Middle East living and pooping on public sidewalks in France.

In the United States, President Donald Trump has promised to build a wall and to seal America’s southern border. Although we haven’t quite the problem with Islamic immigration in the United States, still though, immigration remains a hot button issue for all of the Western word.

Pragmatic solutions are required to reverse all that is happening right now in Europe with regards to Islamic migration.

Hey Merkel- there’s a good reason it’s called the ‘migrant CRISIS‘, you bum!

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