Macron to surrender France to the Islamic State

Macron to surrender France to the Islamic State

Grant J. Kidney, May 7, 2017-

Today was a very sad day for France and for the world as a whole.

Emmanuel Macron is a globalist operative ushered in to destroy the once beautiful French nation.

Despite leaks which proved that Macron was just as corrupt as Hillary Clinton- and despite having been secretly supported by underhanded tools like former U.S. President Barack Obama- Macron utterly pulverized his nationalist rival, Ms. Marine Le Pen, who was seriously France’s last hope of reclaiming itself from the clutches of Islam.

Make no mistake about it- Muslims around the world are supremely satisfied with what transpired in France today. Macron is certain to open the gates even more to as many Muslim immigrants as can possibly be imagined.

Sadly, the Islamic State’s end goal of conquering the whole of Europe could very realistically be accomplished under the globalist Macron’s watch.

Here are two handpicked tweets which perfectly relay the utter sorrow wrought by today’s presidential elections in France.

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