Mexico wants to work with Trump to build the Wall

Mexico wants to work with Trump to build the Wall

Grant J. Kidney, December 29, 2016-

Mexico has a very important meeting with Donald Trump next month to discuss everything from jobs to trade to immigration.

But it’s Mexico’s deepening commitment to rectifying the many problems with illegal immigration that has excited some and has pointed toward actual construction of Donald Trump’s border wall.

Mexico’s deputy leader of the lower house of Congress recently spoke to Reuters and expressed ‘shared’ concern over illegal immigration into the United States.

“These people are trying to enter U.S. territory. So it’s a shared issue. At some point these things must be put on the table, and they have to open their eyes.”

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has committed to working with President Trump on key issues facing both Mexico and the United States but explicitly stressed that Mexico will not pay for construction of a border wall.

Trump, a master negotiator, has already saved a thousand jobs from being shipped to Mexico and has single-handedly reduced the cost of new Air Force One jets after a sit down with executives from the Boeing corporation.

Trump will meet with top Mexican officials next month to potentially negotiate the proposed border wall project.

Trump’s relentless work ethic to make America great again has kept the President-elect very busy with tasks normally reserved for sitting U.S. presidents.

It is very likely that Trump’s summit with leaders from Mexico next month will serve as a catalyst for negotiations to begin on the border wall. After all, Trump has repeatedly renewed his commitment to turning his vision of a safer U.S. border into reality ever since November’s election.

Some have mocked Trump’s plans to build the wall citing ‘economic impossibilities’ of what will no doubt prove a very expensive project. However, according to some calculations, the wall could possibly be paid for using seized drug assets and other moneys being sent back home to Mexico from illegal immigrants in America.

A recent article in Forbes outlines the possibility.

Some $25 billion a year are remitted into Mexico, almost entirely from the U.S., and there’s little doubt that undocumented aliens account for a sizable chunk of it. Accordingly, funds for the wall could easily be made to reduce the GDP of Mexico dollar for dollar, so voila.

Expect lots of new information on the wall to be released after Trump’s meeting with Mexican officials next month.

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