Revealed: why liberals want war with Russia

Revealed: why liberals want war with Russia

Grant J. Kidney, September 11, 2016-

It all started when Hillary and her Democratic cohorts blamed the DNC email leaks on Vladimir Putin’s government.

Ever since this election cycle began, the Dems and their neoconservative counterparts on the Republican side have been pushing for all out war with the Russian bear.

During the Republican primaries, everyone from Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio made shots against Vladimir Putin, suggesting that U.S. military intervention should be seriously considered as a means by which to constrain what is viewed as an ‘aggressive’ Russian foreign policy.

Hillary, what with her words of anti-Russian contention, was absolutely no different from the neoconservatives on the debate stage in her labeling of Vladimir Putin as a ‘mad man’ and ‘dictator’ who must be militarily dealt with for the sake of ‘what’s right’ in the world.

Even now, the Left is seriously trying to brand Donald Trump as some kind of ‘Russian plant’ just because he did an interview with Larry King who hosts a show on Russian TV.

But Trump is no plant- and Russia isn’t trying to ‘sway the election’ despite what you might hear on mainstream news.

The left absolutely loves trashing Putin for what it sees as ‘human rights abuses’ all across Russia. As is the obsession with the left, the ‘LGBTQ’ community’s treatment in Russia has been the center of focus ever since the winter Sochi olympics.

All Putin wants to do is preserve classic culture in Russia.
All Putin wants to do is preserve classic culture in Russia.

Liberals make it seem as though homosexuals in Russia are deliberately targeted for persecution by the State. But nothing could be further from the truth. While its true that gays are not given much respect by some members of Russia’s citizenry, it is entirely untrue that the Russian government actively goes after and mistreats its homosexual population.

There was one time though when Putin’s ‘United Russia Party’ unveiled a ‘straight pride’ flag which came as a shock to many different gay groups and their ultra-left controllers in the West. ‘Straight pride’, as opposed to ‘gay pride’ is apparently quite ‘hateful’ since it translates to the upholding of traditional marriage roles.

If the Left seriously wants to pick a fight with a foreign power over its ‘abuse’ of a minority population, it should look no further than the Islamic world, which, ironically, is upheld in leftist circles as a staple to which respect is owed.

The real reason the American Left wants a fight with Russia is because of what Vladimir Putin represents in terms of social cohesion and the preservation of ‘classic culture’ in the world.

When Putin jailed members of the ‘Pussy Riot’ group in 2012 for their disrespectful performance aimed at the Russian Orthodox church, it was then demonstrated that Russia truly cares about decency and civility in their society and would go to any lengths in preserving said traits.

In the West, great emphasis has been placed on the destruction of culture rather than on the promotion of class and civility in society. Everything from art to music to television in the West appears to actively degrade the population more and more as the years go by.

Here’s a clip from the ultra-liberal and ultra-retarded MTV where ‘transgender awareness week’ is brought to light with several ‘tips’ offered on how to shut down ‘transphobic’ relatives. Of course one wouldn’t expect to see such trash in Russia.

The Left wants war with Russia so it can take out Vladimir Putin and arrange for some type of ‘regime change’ which puts a ‘Western friendly’ stooge in place who’ll do everything Washington says, placing absolutely no emphasis whatsoever on the protection of sacred principles and ideals.

What Hillary and her neoconservative partners do not seem to grasp is that war with Russia unequivocally translates to nuclear winter.

The West has been trying to paint a picture which says that Putin is attempting to ‘annex’ all of the Ukraine. But its important to note that this sort of drivel from the slick propagandists in the mainstream press is exactly what will lead to untold death and destruction on a planetary scale.

You hear a lot from liberals who say that they cannot trust Donald Trump with the ‘nuclear codes’. But wouldn’t Trump, who wants friendship with Russia, be a more stable candidate in office than war-hungry Hillary and all the profiteers in the military industrial complex who back her candidacy?

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