Soros university crippled, refugee programs stopped

Soros university crippled, refugee programs stopped

Grant J. Kidney, August 28, 2018-

A university in Hungary, founded by left wing billionaire George Soros, has ceased all refugee training programs after having been hit with a new tax by the Hungarian government.

Central European University (CEU) has confirmed the cancellation of several programs funded by a European Union backed research grant.

The courses, offered to African and middle eastern ‘asylum seekers’, were provided free of charge to any non-Hungarian citizen.

“We are suspending these programmes while we await clarification of our tax and legal situation,” CEU officials stated in a recent press release.

Hungary has recently imposed new regulations that include jail time for any persons helping immigrants and refugees enter the country illegally.

Nationalist Hungarian leader, Viktor Orban, has embarked on an official ‘Stop Soros’ campaign that appears to be having great results in the purging of George Soros from Hungary.

In May, George Soros announced closure of his ‘Open Society’ group in Hungary, citing ‘repressive’ policies put into effect by Orban.

Below, watch as African refugees crash a boat into Spain’s shores and disappear into the hillside. It isn’t any wonder then why Hungary is striking back at the radical immigration crusades financed by George Soros.

Soros is an international criminal who should be dealt with just as Hungary has handled the situation.

In the United States, Soros funds an unknown number of left wing causes that seek to overturn the entire social order and set America ablaze.

Perhaps President Trump can take a hint from Viktor Orban and begin proceedings to completely oust George Soros from America.

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