The American left and why Anti-Semitism is on the rise globally

The American left and why Anti-Semitism is on the rise globally

Grant J. Kidney, September 8, 2016-

The Israeli UN envoy recently expressed concern that ‘Jew-hatred’ is at an all time high– and there are countless examples which prove this point.

In Italy for instance, Jewish football players were spat on, taunted and given the Nazi salute during a game of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers just this week.

Police removed several of the troublemakers in question who also booed during a rendition of the Israeli national anthem.

In Europe, anti-Semitism has grown exponentially, partly due to the influx of radical Islamic immigrants from varying parts of the Middle East.

Anti-Semitic incidents grew more than 60 percent in London last year and over 84 percent in France during the first quarter of 2015 alone.

But even in the United States, stark incidents of anti-Semitism have been observed in recent times. A synagogue in Rhode Island for instance was vandalized when a giant red swastika was painted thereon earlier this year.

Liberals and social justice warriors love talking trash on Jews and Israel. In the United States, the radical Left frequently holds pro-Palestinian marches where the government of Israel is condemned and the violent, Islamic culture of Palestine is upheld as some sort of staple to be respected.

Needless to say, Israel is really part of the West. Israel is a civilized society what with its commerce, nightlife, symphony orchestras, and bikini babes found on its many beaches.

In Israel, you can be LGBT. Right next door though in Palestine you'd be killed for this.
In Israel, you can be LGBT. Right next door though in Palestine you’d be killed for this.

Israel is put down and trashed by the American Left because it is popular in liberal circles to side with ‘victims’ and ‘underdogs’ wherever they be in the world.

Black Lives Matter for instance is a group held near and dear to the liberal heart because of the victim mentality and constant talk of oppression expressed.

Liberals hate civilization, it’s plain and simple. Why else would the Left vouch for the destruction of Western ideals by importing millions of regressive, women-hating, theocratic Muslims into Europe and the United States?

Interestingly enough, one can be both Muslim and gay and live peacefully as a citizen of Israel. If a gay Jew however were to migrate beyond Israel’s border and attempt to gain citizenship in Palestine, he’d be whipped, tortured and stoned to death for sure due to his lifestyle’s incompatibility with the backward, totalitarian ‘ethics’ of Palestinian/Islamic culture.

Of course though don’t expect reaction from the American left when facts such as these are presented.

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