TIME Magazine: Invite refugees into your home this Christmas

TIME Magazine: Invite refugees into your home this Christmas

Grant J. Kidney, December 22, 2016-

TIME magazine has a special mandate for it’s American readership- invite as many Middle Eastern refugees as is possible into your residence this holiday season.

The editorial in question is blatantly entitled, ‘Invite Refugees Into Your Homes and Hearts This Holiday’. The piece was authored by Georgette F. Bennett and 

The piece opens by suggesting that Americans should open the flood gates to approximately five million individuals displaced by Syria’s long fought and bitter war all simply because of the fact that arms were once opened to Europeans who were fleeing persecution hundreds of years ago.

At a time when we reflect that America offered a future for those fleeing persecution in their home countries for a better life along strange shores, we must also think about those seeking refuge today.

What the authors of this audacious article seem to neglect is the fact that those seeking ‘refuge’ in America hundreds of years ago, were bright, innovative people who essentially built the United States from the ground up, laying the foundations for modern government whilst simultaneously enriching society through wide and varied pursuits.

Refugees from Syria are hardly similar to the bright European men and women who made America what it is today. Syria is a war-torn nation with a blood-soaked history full of infighting and regressive, Islamic rule. And since environment is said to shape reality, we must therefore embrace the fact that the quality of immigrants fleeing the Middle East is nowhere near ‘acceptable’.

A former refugee camp in Paris called ‘the Jungle’. Culturally enriching or just plain dirty?
More of what has become of the once beautiful Paris after the migrant crisis.
Muslims burn the Swedish flag. Since the migrant crisis, Sweden is now the rape capital of the world.

The article goes on to chastise those in the West who are fearful of what dangers may come (and have already come) in accepting millions of refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

But the U.S. must not give in to fear or bigotry. Indeed, allowing fear of the other to govern our politics would be turning our back on our nation’s fundamental commitment to protect the refugee and to stand up for human rights.

It is sheer ridiculousness to state that America’s fundamental commitment is to protect refugees. How any one person could believe such rubbish is beyond insane.

America’s fundamental commitment is to protect its own people. To ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for U.S. citizens alone.

We have seen the clear and present danger that Middle Eastern refugees pose to all Western nations. Throughout Europe, terror attacks strike fear into the hearts and minds of a more than inviting public. Just the other day, for instance, a Muslim drove a truck into a crowded market in Germany killing scores of innocent people.

In 2016 alone, there were 2,410 Islamic attacks in 59 countries around the world. 20,914 people died of the attacks and approximately 26,000 were injured. (Source)

TIME’s article closes by suggesting that Americans should invite Syrian refugees into their homes and provide various gifts for them such as ‘diapers and blankets’.

Make this holiday season more than just a gathering of family and friends by inviting a newly resettled refugee family to your home. Offer gifts not just to those you know but to the stranger who has none.

It is unclear whether the article’s authors will be inviting Syrian refugees into their own homes this holiday season. As it is with liberals from across the spectrum, it’s all talk and absolutely no action whatsoever.

To quote radio host, Michael Savage, ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder’. The authors of the editorial in question are either cognitively damaged in some regard or there’s a hidden agenda at play- a plot to flood America with dangerous Islamic radicals who’ll ultimately bring freedom and democracy to its knees.

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