Trump crashes South African currency to save White farmers

Trump crashes South African currency to save White farmers

Grant J. Kidney, August 23, 2018-

President Trump is sticking up for White farmers in South Africa after news reports indicated that the government is now seizing property and killing innocent men, women and children.

Shortly after tweeting in defense of White farmers, the government of South Africa issued statements directly attacking the U.S. President, stressing that their confiscation of White property is in efforts to solve large-scale wealth inequity.

Interestingly enough, almost immediately after Trump’s tweet, South Africa’s currency fell sharply against the U.S. dollar- an indication of Trump’s sheer power to affect rapid change with but a single tweet alone.

Trump’s defense of White South African farmers is warranted, especially given reports of White women and children being savagely raped and beaten to death.

Liberals will surely take issue with defending White farmers from oppression- but when it comes to protecting all manner of brown people across the world, liberals are the first to suggest that doing so is a perfectly acceptable measure on part of the U.S. government.

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