UK citizens build walls to protect from African violence

UK citizens build walls to protect from African violence

Grant J. Kidney, August 26, 2018-

Some wealthy British citizens are building barricades around their properties in order to protect from street carnage at the hands of participants in an upcoming African street celebration.

In the past, similar street demonstrations have wreaked untold havoc on properties owned by wealthy Brits.

According to The Star:

The famous annual carnival celebrating British African-Caribbean will see hundreds of thousands of people flock to the area to enjoy the colourful parade and street food.

But the event has been marred with violence in the past, with multiple stabbings and violent attacks occurring previously.

And this year, cops are reportedly taking no chances with thousands of officers set to monitor revellers.

The worst part is, some observers are even predicting ACID ATTACKS at this year’s carnival.

Here’s a screenshot where social media users are actually calling for Islamic style terror in the streets of Great Britain.

A warning to any Brit thinking of attending the upcoming street carnival- don’t unless you want your face to be melted off with acid.

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