UK government kidnapping children at record rate

UK government kidnapping children at record rate

Grant J. Kidney, September 6, 2018-

The leftist court system in the United Kingdom absolutely hates the traditional family unit.

According to a new report, children in the UK are being stolen by the government at a record pace.

Child kidnapping on part of the government is up by a factor of 34 percent in 2018.

In many situations, kids are being taken from their parents because they’re not being spoiled enough.

In June, an eight year old boy in the U.K. was removed from his mother’s care after she had failed to buy her son an ice cream cone.

Another shocking case details how two children were snatched away by the government because the parents could not get their kids to brush their teeth.

In many situations, children abducted by the UK government are forced into the hands of Islamists who may possibly begin to groom young orphans for adult-child sex.

YES: Christian kids are being taken from their parents and raised by UK Muslims.

According to The Sun:

Last year figures showed a record 90 children each day – 32,810 across the year – were taken into care through forced and voluntary agreements after social services’ intervention.

Children in care due to court orders is now the highest it has ever been at 50,470 – around a 25 per cent rise on eight years before – with more than 14,000 applications to the courts in each of the last two years.

In 2016 former top family judge Sir James Munby said there was a “relentless rise in the number of new care cases” and that the country was” approaching a crisis for which we are ill‐prepared and where there is no clear strategy to manage the crisis.”

The United Kingdom is a totalitarian State which touts the leftist lie that children belong to the establishment rather than to their parents.

In 2017, the leftist UK health system allowed infant Charlie Gard to die by deliberately cutting off his life support, and denying foreign medical care when sought by Gard’s parents.

In the United States, many liberals seek to impose a similar destruction of traditional family units by declaring children as property of the State.

Make no mistake about it- neither the U.S., nor the U.K. government should lay stake to your child.

What liberals seek to impose is a science fiction based reality where children are automatically whisked away at birth, and trained to be soldiers of a ‘totalitarian tomorrow’.

This is EXACTLY what Adolf Hitler’s youth program hoped to achieve.

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