UN calls for global effort to combat anti Muslim ‘hatred’

UN calls for global effort to combat anti Muslim ‘hatred’

Grant J. Kidney, January 17, 2017-

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, delivered an address to the world today wherein he outlined a plan that would essentially ban (but not literally) all ‘hatred and discrimination’ against the religion of Islam.

‘Anti-Muslim hate crimes and other forms of bigotry are on the rise’, Guterres proclaimed. ‘In times of insecurity, communities that look different become convenient scape-goats’. 

Guterres, who recently took over for former UN chief, Ban Ki Moon, now heads an organization which has systematically become pro-Muslim and anti-Semitic due to its growing number of participants from the regressive, Islamic world.

Guterres calls for all the world to ‘draw strengths from the values of inclusion, tolerance and mutual understanding…’ Meanwhile, ISIS is running amok and Muslims in Saudi Arabia, a heavy hitter in the United Nations architecture, is chopping off heads and hands for mere petty crimes.

Muslims are also the least ‘tolerant’ and least ‘understanding’ when it comes to homosexuality. The real complication of leftist ideology such as what Guterres espouses is that on one hand, homosexuals are upheld as a staple of Western democracy. On the other hand, gay-hating Muslims are equally valued by the Left as integral components of multiculturalism and ‘social cohesion’.

Gay man is tossed from roof top by ‘tolerant’ Muslims.

It is beyond hypocrisy calling for global tolerance of other’s beliefs while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the treatment of women, gays and other minorities in the Islamic world.

Why doesn’t the UN or Mr. Guterres offer any thoughts on the barbaric Islamic practice of killing women for the ‘crime’ of being raped?

In the Islamic world, women are stoned to death for being raped.

Surely none of the aforementioned atrocities would ever occur in Israel- and yet the UN has countless times sided against Israel, all simply due to the fact that the Jewish state is wholly outnumbered by its enemies on the UN floor.

The UN has come under much fire in recent times by President Donald J. Trump. Not only did Trump clash with the UN over a recent vote that would infringe on Israel’s right to exist and expand into legally owned territory, but Trump also called the organization, ‘just a club for people to get together’.

Could Trump realistically boot the UN from the United States? Is withdraw from the organization even possible? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure though- the American public doesn’t like or trust the United Nations. Public pressure could ultimately eject us from this backwards, regressive club of foreign evil-doers.

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