Female ISIS members vow to destroy the West

Female ISIS members vow to destroy the West

Grant J. Kidney, September 13, 2016-

ISIS is known for its many horrific acts of terror across the globe. Now it intends to send female agents out into the world to do its dirty work.

Meet Sally Jones, a British widow who fled Europe to join ISIS. Jones is now considered by authorities as the ‘most wanted woman’ alive.

Jones is said to be heading ISIS’ all female terror division. Jones left Britain with her eleven year old son to marry ISIS hacker, Junaid Hussain. Jones’ son is now being used in ISIS propaganda videos where he can be seen executing prisoners.

White ISIS: Sally Jones (left) and her terrorist son.
White ISIS: Sally Jones (left) and her terrorist son.

Some believe the all female ISIS fighters will use children such as Jones has to carry out vicious acts of terror.

Jones, who now goes by the name, ‘Umm Hussain al-Britani’ is white and is thus more capable of sneaking in to Western countries where acts of terror may be perpetrated.

Many white Westerners have joined ISIS over the years, thus blurring the lines between what is considered ‘Islamic extremism’.

Some have noted that whites who join ISIS psychologically fit the same profile as those who resonated with Communist ideology during the Cold War.

ISIS’ own philosophy views women as little more than dirt. It is no surprise however that such a cowardly organization would break with its own views and make fighters out of its women.

This week the world was stunned when an all female, ISIS terror cell was uncovered that had plotted to blow up the Eiffel Tower in France.

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