Travel ban justified: ISIS rips flesh off of 10yr old girl

Travel ban justified: ISIS rips flesh off of 10yr old girl

Grant J. Kidney, February 13, 2017-

ISIS never ceases to amaze when it comes to the insanely brutal tactics used in the terrorization of regions now controlled by the Caliphate- regions President Donald Trump initially included in his so called ‘Muslim ban’.

Reports indicate that the Islamic State is now using a fifteenth century torture device known as the ‘Biter’ to enact punishment on its subjects. The Biter literally tears flesh from victims’ bodies leaving both bone and vital tissue exposed.

Brutal: the ‘Biter’ was widely used in medieval times to inflict horrible pain and death.

A ten year old girl from Iraq has become the latest to fall prey to the Biter. Young ‘Faten’ was guilty only of having stepped outside the bounds of her family’s home. But, according to ISIS’ strict interpretation of Sharia Law, the penalty for such ‘wrongdoing’ is death unequivocally.

According to eye-witness accounts, Faten was chained up by ISIS fighters who then subsequently used a poison-dipped Biter to hack the ten year old to pieces.

In 2014, ISIS enacted similar punishment on a mother who’s sole ‘crime’ was breastfeeding her newborn child.

ISIS controls many of the countries included on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Liberals still argue though that disallowing entry of refugees from said regions is effectively ‘racist’ and runs counter to so called ‘American values’.

Confusing: feminists chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ at anti-Trump protest in Germany.

Numerous sociological studies confirm that environment does indeed shape one’s reality. In other words, Muslims from war-torn regions are more likely to become radicalized and commit mass murder.

Resistance to Trump’s common sense travel ban makes it seem as though the Left is actually joining with and promoting the horrible acts as perpetrated by the Islamic State.

If the Left does indeed have its way when it comes to immigration policy, it isn’t far fetched to foresee the Biter actually being used someday by Sharia-abiding Muslims on U.S. soil.

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