Retard Michael Moore: Trump ‘sabotaging’ own campaign

Retard Michael Moore: Trump ‘sabotaging’ own campaign

Grant J. Kidney, August 17, 2016-

Filmmaker Michael Moore has proclaimed that Donald Trump is working against his own best interests by deliberately sabotaging his Presidential campaign.

Moore, who uttered the comments in a post on his personal website, pushed the ridiculous theory that Trump never wanted to be President in the first place.

“Trump never thought things would go this far. That’s why he’s put on his political suicide vest — because he’s blowing up his own campaign.” Moore wrote on his Facebook page.

Moore joins a chorus of other such butt-hurt liberal scum who’ve grown so terrified of what a restored America might look like under a Donald Trump administration.

Expect more brainwashing akin to what Moore has declared all the way out to the election in November.

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