Exclusive: government to erase First Amendment by end of Hillary’s first term

Exclusive: government to erase First Amendment by end of Hillary’s first term

Grant J. Kidney, August 27, 2016-

The First Amendment of the United States protects speech from being infringed upon by the government. This is a super important right that should be forever cherished. And yet, with what we observe across the country- insofar as attitudes are concerned- it wouldn’t seem that free speech is of very much relevance today.

The reason the Left has had so much success in the pushing of its radical set of agendas is because the vast majority of Americans have fallen asleep to the realities at play. Television and other popular modes of entertainment outright distract the population from historic levels of corruption not seen since the birth of our nation.

Jobs too have served as a means of curtailing the First Amendment by imposing draconian regulations on employees which make it so that speaking out on various hot button issues of our time is looked down upon and even punishable through termination.

This ‘sleep-walker generation’ of fearful citizenry has empowered the Left like nothing else could have.

As I was driving around yesterday, drinking coffee and scanning one of those streaming radio apps, I happened upon a rap song which insisted that white people should be paying reparations to blacks for what happened with slavery many hundreds of years ago.

Society says its okay to call for 'reparations' for slavery all the while lambasting other forms of free speech.
Society says its okay to call for ‘reparations’ for slavery all the while lambasting other forms of free speech.

I thought to myself, ‘you know, these people can get away with calling for reparations and hating on whites- but if the opposite were true, you wouldn’t hear the end of it on the mainstream news channels’.

To top it all off, there’s now even a website which is setting the precedent for reparations to become reality in the United States.

And it’s true- there is a certain kind of speech that is approved by the new world order control grid. Any speech which talks down on white people or hates on America and its founding is not only popularized in the mass media, but it is encouraged by large companies and other forces in bed with the foremost elite of powers at work in our society.

Facebook for instance tells its employees that ‘Black Lives Matter’ and has even reprimanded those who think otherwise. Zuckerberg even once set up a town hall of sorts for Facebook employees which served as a form of ‘re-education’ on the very subject of Black Lives Matter in America.

If one were to insist that ‘All Lives Matter’, one might possibly find himself without a job in this country.

The lack of free speech in places like Europe has also given rise to a full on Islamic invasion from the middle east. In Europe it is frowned on to speak ill of the European Union and its disastrous immigration policies which has opened the flood gates to many millions of dangerous ‘refugees’.

What the elite really want is for the West to become as closed and controlled as Communist China where speaking out against the State or practicing a certain kind of religion gets you locked up, beaten and even executed.

With the election in November, now more than ever is an important time to stand up for free speech in America.

I am concerned greatly that Hillary Clinton will work to establish some kind of secret police force that’ll go after those whom the State declares an enemy to its operations. The liberals have wanted this for some time- and with a generation of softened men in America who are afraid to exercise their First Amendment right, expect to see an end to our cherished rights as we know them today- perhaps even by the end of Hillary’s first term in office.

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