REVEALED: The ‘most free’ state in America

REVEALED: The ‘most free’ state in America

Grant J. Kidney, August 17, 2016-

The Cato Institute, a prominent libertarian think-tank released vital data today pointing to the ‘most free’ and the ‘least free’ state in the country.

The study published its findings after assessing various factors including employment, taxes, prison population and etc.

The Cato Institute concluded that New Hampshire was the ‘most free’ of the United States whereas New York was dubbed, ‘least free’.

New Hampshire is a very pro-second amendment state. It is not required of residents to have a license or a permit to possess or purchase any type of firearm.

In New York, especially in New York City, laws have been enacted regulating virtually every facet of daily life.

In 2013, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, made it illegal to purchase bottles of soda over 16 ounces. It was later ruled that the Mayor’s edict was entirely unconstitutional.

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