The following represents a series of ‘dangerous’ ideas, constituting a ‘manifesto’ of core, Right focused ideology that I personally hold dear to my heart. 

This manifesto can best be described as a punctuation of ‘self-identitarian’, free-thinking, anti-hive mind philosophy. 

A rejection of establishment conservatism and of identity politics is essential to all of the tenets as expressed below.  

-Grant J. Kidney

1. Americanism, not globalism. We live at an unprecedented time when borders and distinct cultural representation are being diminished around the world. ‘Americanism’, coupled with respect for the nation-state, is the cure to globalism. And while nations are truly invisible entities existing solely on paper, a very limited form of government and civic nationalism should be embraced so as to maintain order in the world and avoid descent into chaos.

2. The individual. Individuality is far superior to group-think, herd-mentality and identity politics. A hallmark of leftist ideology is collectivization based on race, sexual orientation and etc. Sadly, some on the right have collectivized in true leftist fashion in efforts to save Western culture and the White race. ‘Hive-minds’ are incredibly foolish for a variety of reasons. An obvious counter-point is that if a hive-mind is destroyed, individual members perish alongside an adopted identity.

*Although paradoxical to a certain degree, some collectivization is required if natural order is to be maintained. See point number one, ‘Americanism, not globalism’.

3. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are not ‘living’ documents subject to the whims of time. The rights afforded to Americans in the aforementioned documents must be preserved without waiver. ‘Power’ truly rests in the hands of the American people, and it must always remain this way despite cultural influences to the contrary.

4. Capitalism & right to property. A truly free society affords citizens the right to work, trade and acquire property. While capitalism possesses many flaws, it is truly the greatest system of wealth generation the world has ever known. Taxation is theft, pure and simple. No one should ever be forced to contribute honest earnings. A voluntary tax system should be developed which grants citizens the opportunity to donate earnings towards specific government projects. Projects which do not gain sufficient funding would be scrapped.

5. Western culture. Whether you’re White, black, yellow or brown, it must be admitted to that Western culture is vastly superior to other systems developed over time by varying ethnic groups and races. Cars, airplanes, telecommunication, the Internet, rocket ships and modern medicine are purely Western inventions. Western culture must be upheld else the entire world will descend into bloodshed and barbarity.

6. America is a Western nation. Legal, non-Western citizens of America are welcomed, cherished and embraced. Non-Western citizens should not become the majority population however out of respect for tradition. It would be incredibly distasteful to demand that China no longer be deemed an ethnically Chinese nation- or that Israel no longer be deemed an ethnically Jewish homeland. Believing that America should remain majority Western insofar as ethnicity is concerned, is not a ‘racist’ sentiment- it is a traditionalist sentiment, and there are certain to be found many non-Western Americans who would proudly honor said tradition.

*Acknowledging Western dominion over America should not be viewed as paradoxical and out of step with self-identitarian philosophy. As noted in point four, ‘Capitalism & right to property’, America is essentially ‘property’ of White, Western conquerers who staked claim over territories now deemed the ‘United States’. 

7. Expansion into space. The universe is the final frontier. Humanity must push beyond Earth and trek the stars in peace. All civilized nations should form partnerships to lend in efforts to explore space. Human colonies must also be established on nearby worlds in order to hedge bets against possible mass extinctions wrought by nuclear war or other major catastrophes.