PizzaGate pedophiles caught operating on ‘dark web’

PizzaGate pedophiles caught operating on ‘dark web’

Grant J. Kidney, March 29, 2017-

PizzaGate is NOT fake news.

Child traffickers are right now using ‘pizza code’ to market naked pictures of young kids to perverted adults who are operating on a ‘hidden’ version of the Internet called ‘dark web’.

Here’s a screenshot I found from a real life dark web message board detailing the illicit activity of pedophile operatives seeking pictures of ‘fresh Cheese pizza’. The screenshot was originally posted at this link.

According to the screenshot, paying bitcoin to a suspiciously named ‘Mario’s pizza’ grants pedophiles access to nude photos of minors.

The FBI seriously needs to start investigating PizzaGate. Further delays only hurts more and more children who go missing each and every day.

Click image for larger view. 

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