DNC actively diverting attention from Seth Rich murder

DNC actively diverting attention from Seth Rich murder

Grant J. Kidney, May 22, 2017-

In the past two days alone, Democrats have resurrected Billy Bush and John Podesta in attempt to provide effective cover for mounting evidence that the DNC did in fact murder journalist Seth Rich.

Right. Bringing back Billy Bush will stop us all from investigating Seth Rich. But if that doesn’t work, maybe PizzaGate John Podesta attacking President Trump will do the trick…

It is clear that Democrats are in absolute PANIC. 

And now, Internet entrepreneur Kim DotCom confirms that he was in fact partnered with Seth Rich in hacking the DNC.

The Seth Rich murder is smoking gun proof that Russia did NOT interfere with the 2016 election such as the Deep State infers.

It is this editor’s opinion that arrests need to be made immediately for the sake of preserving justice in the United States.

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