How the Alt-Right should view Trump’s war in Syria

How the Alt-Right should view Trump’s war in Syria

Grant J. Kidney, April 9, 2017-

The Alt-Right isn’t pleased with President Trump’s strikes in Syria.

Our mission is to Make America Great Again. Not succumb to the false song of globalist wars.

Some have said that because of what happened in Syria, Trump is now no different from George W. Bush, Obama or other globalist Presidents.

While the above is partially correct, we must remember that Trump’s domestic agenda is on par with everything he said he would do during the campaign.

At the time of this post’s creation, ICE is removing many hundreds of dangerous, criminal aliens from our streets. And not only is the proposed border wall project currently under way, but the stock market has added trillions of dollars in value ever since the election.

Immediately following the Syria strikes, I was hysterical like many long time Trump supporters. But letting it all sink in after a couple days of deep and thorough analysis, I finally decided to give Trump a pass on what was a huge mistake.

But nonetheless, if there are repeated mistakes in the foreign policy arena- and if the wall isn’t built and taxes lowered- then I will have no choice but to revert to my earlier labeling of Donald J. Trump as a ‘disgrace’ to the United States.

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