If Neocons ‘influencing’ Trump, doesn’t it make him ‘weak’?

If Neocons ‘influencing’ Trump, doesn’t it make him ‘weak’?

Grant J. Kidney, April 11, 2017-

These days, the popular line among disaffected, non-interventionist Trump voters is that the President is being influenced by neocons and that this is why he’s went and waged total war in Syria.

Here’s the thing though- doesn’t being easily swayed by others make one ‘weak’ and hence ultimately ‘ineffective’ by every possible standard?

And now they’re saying Ivanka helped influence the decision to strike Syria. If I could type what a ‘face palm’ looks like, I’d insert that here.

The people voted for Trump because they believed him to be an uncompromising individual; a man who’d hold out for the best possible ‘deal’. A new war in the Middle East is NOT the best possible deal and will only rack up billions in unnecessary debt that could otherwise be spent at home on so many different things.

Here’s something to keep in mind since we’re on the topic of debt. Each Tomahawk missile fired into Syria in early spring cost millions of tax payer dollars to design, manufacture and launch. And what did we actually accomplish with the Syria strikes other than destroying an empty airfield?

Lastly I’d like to point out how hypocritical it was of Trump to constantly speak of how ‘depleted’ our military was back during the campaign only to recently use the military in such a way that now major, nuclear super-powers are threatening recourse if America continues on its path of war.

Perhaps Trump being so easily swayed by both neocons and his daughter means that he isn’t the best person for the job of President. I mean, what happens if Ivanka or the neocons tell Trump that the next big plan is to go door to door and round up everyone’s firearms in the name of protecting child victims of gun-violence?

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