North Korea war to give Trump major poll boost

North Korea war to give Trump major poll boost

Grant J. Kidney, April 5, 2017-

Today, the White House called Kim Jong Un’s firing of a ballistic missile at Japan an unacceptable move- and potentially, an act of war.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued what amounts to an ultimatum for the rogue, nuclear state, warning of potential U.S. military intervention over recent misconduct on the international stage.

If Trump does indeed go to war with Kim Jong Un, its a sure bet that victory over the totalitarian state will come within a matter of hours. The world will be a much safer place- and we’ll have only President Trump to thank for that.

According to new polls, Trump’s approval rating rests at just 35%. Of course, many who support the President are suspicious of said polls, believing them to be a prime example of ‘fake news’. But if the polls are indeed correct, it would signal that Trump needs a major boost that will propel him out of the morass into which his administration has fallen.

If the U.S. goes to war with North Korea and knocks the hell out of Kim’s regime, it’s a sure bet that Trump’s poll numbers will immediately rise the next day.

But even without a victory over Kim Jong Un, I made a bet that Donald Trump will go down as the greatest President in U.S. history. I strongly believe that sandwiched in between Trump’s first four years in office, something HUGE will take place on the world stage that will give Trump the opportunity to shine. Even hardened liberals, in my estimation, will see Trump as a true champion when his moment ultimately arrives.

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