PizzaGate John Podesta has mouthful for Trump

PizzaGate John Podesta has mouthful for Trump

Grant J. Kidney, May 22, 2017-

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman and suspected child molester, recently called President Trump ‘absolutely crazy’ and ‘unfit for office’.

Podesta, who’s emails were hacked during the 2016 election, is thought by many independent researchers to have abused many children in his lifetime.

For such a vile human being like Podesta to take jabs at Donald Trump is truly despicable. What room does this monster have to talk?

Here’s a video I did showing what could be John Podesta raping a small child.

Note that there is no conclusive evidence that John Podesta is a child molester. But the anecdotal stuff is truly overwhelming. 

Hillary, Podesta and the entire DNC crew is in absolute panic mode right now over building evidence that the Democrat party murdered journalist Seth Rich.

Podesta’s attack on Trump is yet another attempt at casting a giant smokescreen to cover Democrat crimes.

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