Psychiatrists call for Trump’s removal from office

Psychiatrists call for Trump’s removal from office

Grant J. Kidney, July 26, 2017-

Earlier this month, the American Psychoanalytic Association ordered its 3,500 members to begin issuing calls for President Trump’s removal from office based on ‘anecdotal’ evidence that the Commander-in-Chief is mentally unfit for office.

For over 40 years, psychiatrists have been restrained from diagnosing public figures without first having clinically analyzed said person in a professional setting. But because the entire weight of the establishment is in full effect against Donald Trump, many leftist shrinks have abandoned their core values in efforts to bring down the 45th President of the United States.

Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, so called ‘mental health professionals’ have derided the former real estate mogul as unfit for office.

Here’s when an actual medical doctor suggested that Donald Trump possesses a brain-eating sexually transmitted disease.

Here’s when a ‘psychologist’ diagnosed Trump with ‘psychotic’, ‘malignant narcissism’.

And what about this New York Times column where a group of doctors labeled Trump as ’emotionally unstable’?

Tragically, the medical propaganda and false diagnoses issued by leftist doctors in regards to Trump’s mental health seems to be translating to serious political action in Washington.

Only months ago, Trump confidant Roger Stone told viewers and listeners of Alex Jones’ Infowars that the Democrat establishment would begin promoting the notion that Donald Trump possesses a a serious mental health issue in order to remove the President from office under the 25th amendment of the U.S. constitution.

Stone’s prediction has proved incredibly accurate. In the following months to come, fake media has issued an onslaught of propaganda designed to cause viewers to think that Donald Trump is mentally unfit for duty.

Incidentally, no one perceived Donald Trump as being mentally ill when he grew a business empire to gargantuan proportions, generating billions in income and employing tens of thousands of workers from around the world.

Let it be known that the TRUE mental patients among us are more easily spotted…

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