Trump’s first 100 days: America is ‘great again’

Trump’s first 100 days: America is ‘great again’

Grant J. Kidney, April 18, 2017-

President Donald Trump has done an extraordinary job during his first 100 days in office, despite what all the fake news outlets have to say.

Remember when Trump persuaded Ford to cancel their plans for a plant in Mexico?

Remember when Trump added $2 trillion in net worth to the economy?

Remember when Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, adopted some of the toughest immigration policies America has ever seen?

The USA is back in full swing. People are happy. In fact, a Rasmussen poll released just today has President Trump at a 50% approval rating.

Still though, if all one did was pay attention to fake news and late night comedy, it would seem as though Trump has instituted a dark tyranny, the likes of which only Joseph Stalin could be proud.

Today I discussed Trump’s strong poll numbers in the latest edition of my podcast, The Grant J. Kidney Show.

Tune in below.

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