Vault 7 leaks to give Trump leverage on shutting down CIA

Vault 7 leaks to give Trump leverage on shutting down CIA

Grant J. Kidney, March 8, 2017-

Wikileaks’ dump of the now infamous ‘Vault 7’ documentation sent shockwaves across the planet as many dark ‘conspiracy theories’ pertaining to illegal intelligence gathering on part of the CIA were ultimately proved correct.

The CIA has been implicated in many vast conspiracies ever since its inception in 1947. ‘Operation Mockingbird’, for instance, details how the CIA once used the power of mass media to propagandize the American people.

Vault 7 offers stunning confirmation that the CIA routinely spies on American citizens through smartphones, TV’s and other Internet connected devices. This gross overreach of Deep State power must be swiftly reined in as our very civil liberties hang in the balance.

President Trump is at this time under intense scrutiny by the Left for suggesting that former President Obama placed Trump Tower under illegal surveillance during the 2016 election. Aiding Trump in his assertion would be the coincidentally timed Vault 7 release by Wikileaks.

President Trump will need all the ammunition as is possible in his war on Deep State intelligence groups. Vault 7 documentation, although not linked to Trump’s specific case involving warrantless wiretapping by the previous administration, nonetheless underscores immeasurable possibility that the CIA has indeed launched an invisible coup against the 45th President of the United States.

Is it possible for President Trump to use Vault 7 as much needed leverage to once and for all end the CIA as an institution in the United States? Perhaps. But if Trump does pursue the official shutting down of America’s Central Intelligence Agency, he must first rally the public to his cause.

So what would America look like without the CIA? Truth be told, the only notable differences to our society would be of a positive nature.

The U.S. survived for a very long time without a central form of ‘intelligence’ keeping us safe from enemies abroad. Long before the CIA even existed, the ‘OSS’ fought to protect America by gathering specific intelligence on foreign entities and affairs.

The CIA is technically not even supposed to operate domestically in the United States. Vault 7 and other leaked documentation throughout the years all but proves that the broad spectrum, Deep State intelligence gathering by the CIA is aimed almost exclusively at the American people.

President Trump would do well to wholly disband the CIA and to replace it with something new; something more patriotic and in tune with American values.

Vault 7 is a terrifying tale of the Deep State’s war on the American people. But with President Trump now in command, we’ve finally got a real shot at ending corrupt institutions like the CIA and restoring the great Constitutional framework upon which our nation rests.

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